My practice is inspired by natural materials, generative processes and human sensory perception. Thematically, I focus on the tensions that exist between the human world and the natural world, during a time of environmental urgency. Through conceptual research, material experimentation and physical making, I interrogate the pathway of internal consciousness, sensory perception and the external environment.

My work to date has involved the setting up of generative systems, and allowing the aesthetic outcome to be decided by the material itself, time and the conditions that I have provided. This practice removes my control over the aesthetics in favour of a hypothesised outcome. These systems can involve chemical or physical changes, and have resulted in alchemistical sculpture, time-based installations, sound pieces, photography and time-lapse video.

Materially, I explore organic substances including mineral and living matter, in conjunction with synthetic media. Work is realised through fabrication using glass, paper-making techniques, light and sound. While I use a variety of materials and techniques in each project, my approach is consistent. Through rigorous experimentation and interrogation, I search for transformative processes and juxtapositions that alter our perception of the materials, in response to conceptual themes.